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What It Is and How it is Different

There are four primary Baseline applications
with multiple versions (see Markets Served) for
specific uses.  Among them are:

1. Comprehensive Organizational Analysis -
Provides organizations with an objective
method for measuring their entire
organization and rapidly pin pointing your
best opportunities for strategic business
improvement. Consider it a “MRI” which
quickly and conveniently evaluates 35
business disciplines.  This is a great tool for
determining the degree of alignment or misalignment at the executive level and for assessment overall management and employee alignment. You can compare your results to thousands of organizations in our global best practice database. You will evaluate areas such as Competitive Advantages, Marketing, Finance, Sales Effectiveness, Execution, Required Technologies, Building teams, Rewards/Compensation, Values and Credibility - areas that are necessary for creating high-performing, sustainable organizations.

See our Markets Served for the areas where applications have been developed for specific sizes and types of organizations.

2. The Sales Baseline for a "deep dive" into issues directly around sales and marketing.  Here you review areas where improved marketing, sales tools, processes, disciplines and work environment will lead to more productive sales staff and increased revenue.

3. Leadership Development for developing your current and future leaders.  You evaluate two important capabilities - Leadership Competence (What a Leader Does) and Leadership Character (Who a Leader Is).  Competence without Character can raise ethical questions and lead to some of the most recent headlines in American business history, resulting in the lost of billions of dollars in shareholder value. Character without Competence may result in organizations that are principled, but too easy going and under-performing. Or which are headed in the wrong direction and missing out on critical changes within their industry.

Our Leadership Development application provides feedback on items such as, Vision & Strategy,  Job Competence,
Coaching/Mentoring, Building Teams, Execution, Communication Skills, Leading Change and more. 

4. Our Board Baseline - is a board of directors' assessment that quickly evaluates the overall effectiveness of a Board of Directors from two perspectives: (1) their ability to work together and (2) the degree to which they are in compliance with governance best practices and important regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley. This assessment is appropriate for public, private, and non-profit organizations.

Since we engage multiple groups within the organization (senior leadership, sales staff, marketing and support staff) we are able to provide objective data whether alignment issues are holding back organizational success. Your employees' input is important because it will tell you whether everyone has the passion and energy to reach the organization's goals. We create the opportunity to address these issues now, not in six months when goals are in jeopardy.

Ever heard the words "If I had only known?" Ever said them yourself?!? The Baseline Assessments provides you the information you need now to stay on top of the business.

After taking the Baseline assessment, you will gain:
  • A more focused, motivated and aligned organization that can address your greatest opportunities and threats
  • Clarity on the steps needed to reach your targets within a set time frame.
  • Objective data for making solid decisions instead of relying on guesses or gut instinct only.
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Read how the Baseline Assessment works.

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