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If you'd like to accelerate client acquisition and ease your own sales process our Baseline Advisors program can help!  Not only are they great tools for engagement delivery, they can be used to help you stand out in your field of expertise.  You can choose between an Advisor certification or a referral program.  To see a short overview of our Advisor Program just click here.  To find out more please contact us.

Certified Advisors
A certification program is available if you'd like to use the assessment to start, or expand, your practice. As a Certified Advisor, you are trained in the administrative process, interpreting and analyzing the report as well as effective marketing options. You handle all services and client billing direct with your clientele.

If you are a Peer Group Facilitator please read our special message here.

Certification Training - We offer four options for training and certification.  Each has it's own unique benefits depending on your personal desires.
  • Self-Study - train immediately, and at your own pace, via our comprehensive online video's.
  • Join us for a Certification Webcast providing the opportunity to ask questions in real time
  • Group Certification allows for interaction with other advisors, thereby enhancing the learning experience.
  • Or choose Private, On-site Certification at your office and customized for your specific practice.
We cover the following materials in each of our certification programs:
  1. Overview Advisor Business Opportunity
  2. Certification Training Agenda
  3. Reservation Form
  4. Member Agreement
  5. Advisor Operations Guide and Toolkit
If you connect us with others who would benefit from the Baseline Assessment we will handle all the details: discuss the process, handle the administration, produce the report and provide a debriefing session. In appreciation, you will receive a 20% referral fee from their engagement. And if you refer individuals or organizations who become Certified Advisors, you will also receive a $1,000 referral fee. We truly want as many organizations around the globe to benefit from the Baseline applications as possible -- and there are only so many places we can be at once! To make a referral to someone who would benefit from the Baseline Assessment, please click here to send an email.
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"The assessment uncovered deep rooted employee issues which were a threat to the organization's productivity and customer perception. My client credits your process with their avoiding a financial and operational crisis that could have happen without the knowledge from the reports. It exposed the rocks that were hidden from the water's surface."
TBC Member
Dayton, Ohio

"Your Baseline Assessment with the Organization Dynamic Model is like an MBA program. I am using it to introduce American management concepts to companies here in Japan."
TBC Member
Tokyo, Japan

"Utilizing the Business Baseline my client informed me that the engagement was the most comprehensive planning session they've done. He said the process was remarkably efficient and lead to quality analysis which helped his Board and Management Team develop concrete goals and objectives to navigate their next level of growth."

TBC Member
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"We searched the market for an assessment that would add value to our clients. Nothing impressed us like your series of products. The system is reliable, user-friendly and confidential. The results are presented in a straightforward report that highlights core company issues. The process is impressive to the most discriminating executives."
TBC Member
Newport Beach, CA

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