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What others are saying about The Baseline Company
What others are saying...
"If you want an objective look at your marketing and sales team performance, take the AP Sales Baseline Assessment. You'll get a scorecard on 11 critical aspects which will enlighten you as to areas holding back revenue gain. It's the best organizational-wide sales and marketing assessment I've used."

Bill Blake
President and COO
eDocument Sciences, LLC

“I just went through the Sales Baseline Assessment and it was very enlightening. I would recommend this tool for any C-suite executive with sales and marketing responsibility.

This will be very helpful in identifying communication and perceptual alignment gaps with our senior team, enabling us to define, articulate and execute a fully aligned sales and marketing strategy to our team. Great stuff!”

Taulbee Jackson, CEO Raidious
How It Works

Step 1: Selected participants receive a link to the on-line assessment.

Step 2: Each participant enters a user name and password to access the assessment at a convenient time. The average completion time is 15 minutes.

a. You respond to a series of statements.
b. You rank the categories based on the time-frame you desire for your focus.  The two most common examples are a "short time-frame" of the next 90 - 120 days; or a longer time-frame of 12 to 18 months.

Step 3: We process your report and send it to you within 24 hours.

Step 4: We schedule time to review the report with the executive sponsor of the assessment.
Our delivery options include web-based conferences, public workshops and private meetings.

Optional follow-up steps

Step 5: Hold a working session where we facilitate a group meeting with key participants, review the report, validate the findings and begin the planning process for taking action based on the selected critical areas.

Step 6: We follow up with the sponsor, team or both to ensure progress.

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